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Insect Enemies and Allies on the Farm - With Information on Spraying, Fumigation and Varieties of Insects, Skilling William T.
27 Winters and Counting..., Philion Paul

This antique text contains a detailed guide to the insects that cause problems for the farmer, with information on spraying, fumigation, varieties of insects ... więcej

Donald Mackinnon is a survivor. Anyone who has lived through twenty-seven bitterly cold Winnipeg winters, qualifies as a survivor. Now, he's hoping to ... więcej

Timing, Calmes Mary
70,30 zł 66,80 zł
Della Vita e Delle Opere di Silvio Pellico, Vol. 2, Rinieri Ilario

2nd Edition Timing: Book One Stefan Joss just can’t win. Not only does he have to go to Texas in the middle of summer to be the man ... więcej

Excerpt from Della Vita e Delle Opere di Silvio Pellico, Vol. 2: Da Lettere e Documenti Inediti Forse altri disapprovera l'uso soverchio de' docu menti ... więcej

Archivio per lo Studio Delle Tradizioni Popolari, 1894, Vol. 13, Pitre? Giuseppe
The Sovereign, Author Unknown

Excerpt from Archivio per lo Studio Delle Tradizioni Popolari, 1894, Vol. 13: Rivista Trimestrale Melodie popolari abruzzesi. I canti della mietitura. ... więcej

Excerpt from The Sovereign: Or a Political Discourse Upon the Office and Obligations of the Supreme Magistrate A prince of an heroicbv Mind is a Supreme ... więcej

The Rising Son, Brown Wm; Wells
Folk-Lore, 1913, Vol. 24, Society Great Britain Folk-Lore

Excerpt from The Rising Son: Or, the Antecedents and Advancement of the Colored Race After availing himself of all the reliable information obtainable ... więcej

Excerpt from Folk-Lore, 1913, Vol. 24: A Quarterly Review of Myth, Tradition, Institution, and Custom K'nnt St/erna. Essays on Questions connected with ... więcej

Early Promoted, Cox William Spiller
Every Two Minutes, Neidig Rosemary D.

Excerpt from Early Promoted: A Memoir of the Rev. William Spiller Cox, M. An., Of Queen's College and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, Missionary to Sierra Leone ... więcej

As a child, Rosemary D. Neidig learned to be silent and suppress her fears in order to appease her peace-loving mother, who was focused on presenting a ... więcej

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