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The Christian View of the World, 1873-1912 Blewett George John
Epistles From the Yearly Meeting of Friends, Author Unknown

Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition), as this leads to bad quality books with introduced ... więcej

Excerpt from Epistles From the Yearly Meeting of Friends: Held in London, to the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings in Great Britain, Ireland, and Elsewhere ... więcej

Honeyvoiced, Alonso Jordi
Persian Women, Yonan Isaac Malek

180 poetic fragments inspired by the Greek poet Sappho, these poems are rich and enticing, laden with love for food, drink, and all things sensual. Poet ... więcej

Excerpt from Persian Women: A Sketch of Woman's Life From the Cradle to the Grave, and Missionary Work Among Them, With Illustrations For this reason ... więcej

Municipal Government (Classic Reprint), Goodnow Frank J.
Stories from the Manager's Office, Dorner Hermann Jakob

Excerpt from Municipal Government IN the belief that there was a demand for a book on municipal government somewhat comprehensive in its mom and attempting ... więcej

From Sri Lanka to Uganda, from Jamaica to China, Hermann Dorner's fifty-year career in hotel management took him all over the world. Lacking the funds ... więcej

Songs of a Cripple (Classic Reprint), Johnson Maurice
Operation, Smith Sam

Excerpt from Songs of a Cripple Visitor to his family, as they two sat in the shifting light of a wood fire. The swift moods of feeling that played in ... więcej

'This novel is written by a retiring White House appointee to the Department of Defense for the last twenty-one years. A former USAR NCO with various ... więcej

The Origin and Continuance of Life, Thompson Augustin
In the Name of Liberty, Johnson Owen

Excerpt from The Origin and Continuance of Life: Together With the Development of a System for Medical Administration on the Law of Similars, From a Discovery ... więcej

Excerpt from In the Name of Liberty: A Story of the Terror At the moment the concierge discovered the youthful adventurer, he was engrossed in the task ... więcej

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