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ksiazka tytuł: Paleo Diet autor: Simmons Emily

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Paleo Diet

3 Books in 1 Book Set: Lose Weight and Get Healthy with Delicious Paleo Recipes
Wersja papierowa
Wydawnictwo: nir
ISBN: 978-96-570-1975-7
Format: 15.2x22.9cm
Liczba stron: 228
Oprawa: Miękka
Wydanie: 2019 r.
Język: angielski

Dostępność: dostępny
79,90 zł 75,90 zł

<p>Book 1-</p><p>Paleo Diet for Beginners<br />
This book consists of nutritious and healthy recipes that will lead you to an energetic and healthy lifestyle. When you read this book, you will come to know the advantages of many foods that were never known to you before. You will be able to gain control over your eating habits and your overall weight program.&nbsp;<br />
Gluten is a combination of proteins, which gives the elastic texture to any dough. Dough rises because of gluten only and still retain its shape. The chewy texture of the final product of dough also comes due to gluten. Can you hear the sound of &ldquo;glue&rdquo; in &ldquo;gluten&rdquo;? It is a rarely known fact but gluten is not good for health at all. That is why the concept of Paleo comes to the fore. It gives you hundreds of substitutes to gluten that are amazingly delicious. You will not miss any of your previous cuisines after shifting to Paleo diet.&nbsp;<br />
Book 2<br />
Paleo slow cooker<br />
In this book, you will find the solutions for the stigmas associated with slow cooking. Some of us think that the long hours of wait can make you impatient.&nbsp;<br />
But, you do not need to sit beside the slow cooker till the time your meal gets ready. You just need to plan beforehand and you will have a satiating meal waiting for you. This book deals with all the details of slow cooking- the methods, equipments and recipes, of course. You can cook a wide range of recipes in slow cookers. And, it includes a lot more than just meats. You can even cook and &ldquo;bake&rdquo; your desserts in the Crockpot! The end result is definitely amazing. You do not need to spend much time in the preparation of ingredients. Moreover, the recipes mentioned in the book can be adjusted with different slow cooking equipments. Just go ahead with this unique method and you will be surprised at the mouth watering outcomes.&nbsp;<br />
Book 3<br />
Gluten Free Paleo Cookies:<br />
Our ancestors were not dessert people and didn&#39;t even know about these sweet treats, and thus you may be wondering whether a Paleo diet is the right choice for you. Don&#39;t worry, because there are a lot of ingredients in a Paleo diet to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.<br />
These desserts are so satisfying and simple to make, and you will find a number of recipes that are replete with ingredients like dark chocolate, cacao, blueberries, lemon, maple syrup, bacon etc. The best part about these desserts is that they are made from natural ingredients. &nbsp;So they are healthy as well as tasty.<br />
Train yourself to make some new Paleo desserts, and don&#39;t revert to your old desserts that only add to your health problems. A Paleo diet gives you a better physique, helps you avoid mood swings, and keeps you healthy and happy.<br />
Even if you do give into the temptation to eat unhealthy food like pizzas and burgers, you should substitute the normal ingredients with Paleo ones so that you are not doing your body any harm.<br />
This eBook has a number of gluten-free Paleo dessert recipes for you from Paleo brownies to bacon maple chocolate cookies and chocolate cranberry cookies and many more. Delve into this delicious yet healthy Paleo dessert book to enjoy some lip smacking treats!</p>



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