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Rewitalizacja ogrodów, Krzysztof Lewandowski
Rewitalizacja ogrodów
14,00 zł 13,30 zł
Działka. Możliwości zarobku, Krzysztof Lewandowski

„Rewitalizacja” to słowo bardzo modne w dzisiejszych czasach, oznaczające przywrócenie do życia. Nadanie zniszczonym ... więcej

W dzisiejszych czasach w ciągłym pospiechu i zdobywaniu nowych dóbr materialnych zauważamy, że ziemia jest i będzie wentylem ... więcej

Lizzie Timewarp 2017 Gold Planner, Hayes Elizabeth
Królowa kokonu, Dominika Czajka
Królowa kokonu
9,90 zł 9,40 zł

52 weekly spreads in a gold color. This vertical planner provides the entire week in a two-page spread and stickers designed for the Erin Condren planners ... więcej

„Królowa kokonu” Dominiki Czajki jest współczesną, osadzoną w polskich realiach interpretacją rodziny ... więcej

Sekrety home stagingu, Daniel Tokarz
The Bedroom and Boudoir (Classic Reprint), Barker Mary Anne

Chcesz szybko sprzedać lub wynająć nieruchomość? Nie wiesz, jak wyróżnić się spośród tysięcy ... więcej

Excerpt from The Bedroom and Boudoir In order that we may have them wholesome, convenient and cheerful. It is im possible to over - estimate the value ... więcej

Wildwood Homes, Co Wildwood Builders
The Problems of Re-Upholstering Certain Furniture Styles - Including Channel Back, Tufted Back, Pillow Back and Ottoman Styles, Luna Benjamin C.

Excerpt from Wildwood Homes: Being a Collection of Houses and Details With Suggestions for the Home Builder Mentally and essentially correct and in good ... więcej

Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. This handy book contains ... więcej

An Experimental Rural School at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C (Classic Reprint), Browne Mrs. Hetty S.
Descriptions of Occupations, Statistics United States Bureau of Labo

Excerpt from An Experimental Rural School at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S. C At the outset the effort was to see clearly: First, what the farm wife ... więcej

Excerpt from Descriptions of Occupations: Hotels and Restaurants The objects of these descriptions are to furnish definitions of the various hotel and ... więcej

Hygiene in Home and Town (Classic Reprint), Brown Bertha Millard
House and Home, Carter Mary Elizabeth

Excerpt from Hygiene in Home and Town The junior high school faces a vital problem in seeking to give its pupils a broad general foundation for life and ... więcej

Excerpt from House and Home: A Practical Book on Home Management Whether the author treats of foundations as when writing about the cellar, or of the ... więcej

Patching Up Your Furniture - Simple Fixes for Common Upholstery Problems, Pattou Albert Brace
Laundry Work for Use in Homes and Schools (Classic Reprint), Shepperd Juniata L.

This antique text contains a detailed guide to patching holes in upholstered furniture. A book full of handy little tips and step-by-step instructions ... więcej

Excerpt from Laundry Work for Use in Homes and Schools The young housekeeper will find the book helpful in self instruction. She as well as the pupil ... więcej

School Exhibits (Classic Reprint), Eswine H. E.
Feng Shui on a Dime, Liang Stephanie

Excerpt from School Exhibits In picking out corn samples, care should be taken to have the ears as nearly alike as possible. Nothing detracts more from ... więcej

Winner of the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards in the Home & Garden Category and Award-Winning Finalist in the “New Age: Non-Fiction” ... więcej

The Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual, Black Angus
Consumer's Digest, Vol. 2, Schlink F. J.

The unofficial Dyson DC07 workshop manual. All you need to know to perform any DIY repair to your Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner. There is nothing that can ... więcej

Excerpt from Consumer's Digest, Vol. 2: July, 1937 Observe critically the restaurant where you contemplate dining. If there is a strong odor of deep-fat ... więcej

The Wife's Handbook (Classic Reprint), Norman Roger
Bench Work in Wood - A Course of Study and Practice Designed for the Use of Schools and Colleges, Goss W. F. M.

Excerpt from The Wife's Handbook Take another example; the chapter on Married Sexual Life. The author has asked doctors and other professional men for ... więcej

This book contains a detailed and comprehensive treatise on bench work in wood. Designed to be used as a study and practice resource in schools and colleges ... więcej

Cheddar Cheese Making (Classic Reprint), Decker John Wright
How to Teach Kitchen Garden, or Object Lessons in Household Work, Huntington Emily

Excerpt from Cheddar Cheese Making A careful study of the questions is urged, however simple they may seem, as an accurate knowledge of the details and ... więcej

Excerpt from How to Teach Kitchen Garden, or Object Lessons in Household Work: Including Songs, Plays, Exercises, and Games Illustrating Household Occupations ... więcej

Beacon Gems for You, or the Philosophy of Housekeeping, Greens Chas; W.
Wood Finishing - Staining and Polishing, and Cellulose Wood Finishing - A Treatise Devoted Mainly to Transparent Finishes for Wood, with Details of the Fundamental Principles and the Allied Processes. Also Oil Varnishing and Cellulose Spraying, with Some, Davey H. T.

Excerpt from Beacon Gems for You, or the Philosophy of Housekeeping: Scientific and Practical Manual The single aim in writing the present volume has ... więcej

This antique text contains a detailed treatise devoted mainly to transparent finishes for wood, with details of the fundamental principles and the allied ... więcej

Sixth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Maine, Health Maine State Board of
Happy Homes and How to Make Them - Or Counsels on Love, Courtship and Marriage, Kirton J. W.

Excerpt from Sixth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Maine: For the Year Ending December 31, 1890 Thanks to the universal brotherhood ... więcej

Originally published in 1870 this early work Happy Homes...is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. This unusual book will appeal greatly ... więcej

Laundry Manual (Classic Reprint), Balderston L. Ray
House Painting and Decorating, Jones Bernard E.

Excerpt from Laundry Manual Chapter IX. - Embroideries Laces Clear Starching x.-cleansing. XI. - Disinfecting Clothing XII. - Making Soap and other Recipes. ... więcej

The object of this handbook is to provide clear instructions on executing ordinary painters’ and paper-hangers’ work. Contents: The House Painter’s ... więcej

Food and Life (Classic Reprint), Lansing Marion Florence
An Amateur's Guide to Upholstering and Upholstered Furniture - A Collection of Classic Articles on Interior Decoration, Various

Excerpt from Food and Life From its pages the child will learn the facts he should know concerning the great Food Business into which he is born and in ... więcej

Carefully selecting the best articles from our collection we have compiled a series of informative publications on the subject of interior design and home ... więcej

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